someone is going but who is.?

“You know what the Midwest is? Young & Restless/ Where restless (Niggas) might snatch your necklace. And next these (Niggas) might jack your Lexus. Somebody tell these (Niggas) who Kanye West is”

So there is only 13 hours till the trade deadline. And i know one more big name players is going. But where?, and who?,…. i guess by tomorrow morning we will know that answer. It seems like everyone is changing places.

Also the new yugioh ban list is out. And they apparently do not like the Sam’s, the plants and the Goyo’s. Ha, seems like it will be a good time for my produce deck to rise above them all. I got a Mist Wurm for 10 when it usually goes for 15-19. Yesterday I was pissed because i was 2 dollars away from getting Krystia. A card that is worth 200. Yes ladies and gentlemen. 2 fucking bills. If i didn’t buy that one card i would of had 3 bucks, and i would have definitely put in that money inside the machine. And guess what, i would have been the one that got it. Ahhhh.

it’s okay, im not that mad. my friend Jeremy is the one that should be mad because that would have been his because he had 5 dollars and he was going to go up next but decided to wait untill later. ha, so i have class in the morning so its about that time where i leave kiddos.


Games of the Day

Carmelo shines in his first game as the Knick pass by the Bucks 114-108

The Lakers come back from behind against red hot Blazers 106-101

There was no Thunder in San Antonio as the Spurs toppled them 109-105

Song of the Day

“Jesus Walks”  by Kanye West

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