seems like everyone wants to go to the east coast

“Sitting courtside Knicks and Nets give me high-5.  Nigga, I be Spiked out. I could trip a referee …tell by my attitude that I’m MOST DEFINITELY FROM…”

New Jersey Nets logo, 1998–present

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So everyone is heading out east now huh. Or should i say New York, and New Jersey. One day after the Carmelo deal to send him to the ‘Knicks, we get Deron Williams to The Nets. Seems like there was some tension with Deron after legendary coach Jerry Sloan left. And as well, since the team was going the wrong direction that it had been in earlier years.  Seems like the Russian owner had to get something going for his team to be somewhat relevant. Nobody wants to be in the place that the Cleveland Caveliers were this year.

So it seems like the East is staking its rooster to make it a great playoff experience. Though it seems very unlikely that the Nets will be any good to make it to the playoffs. But het it’s the nba and in the nba anything can happen.

Lets us just get something out. The Los Angeles Lakers will three-peat to send off Phil Jackson the right way. Why, because Phil only wins championships in three’s.

Games of the Day

Miami over the Kings 117-97

The Ibaka and the Thunder showed Blake who owns at the Game 111-88

and the Los Angeles Lakers over the Hawks 104-80 

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