halfway thru the season and its gonna getting better!

“No one man can have all that powers, the clock is ticking I just can’t tell the hour,”

So today was Presidents day, i think. ha, it was a well rested day. I thought i was going to eat hometown buffet with my family and a distant family member but they couldn’t make it. So I settled with some hot dogs. Fuck my life.

Big News,: Carmelo Antony is actually moving from Denver to…. any guesses?

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errrr, it is The Knicks. The Knicks are also getting Chancey Billups and other guys. While the Nuggets get Raymond Felton, other guys, 3mill in cash and draft picks. I guess that means the Knicks have another Superstar and are on the move to give the already good East a run for the money. We got Miami with the Big Three, Celtics with the Big Three, Bulls with the Big Two, Magic with Dwight and now Knicks with Melo and Amar’e. Shits going to tight and going to good.

Los Angeles Lakers logo

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But then again don’t count out the West. In the West we got The Spurs who always seem to stay quite but always tough to beat. Then the up and coming Thunder with Durant. Don’t count out the Mavs. And even though they have a 3 game slide you can never count out the Two-time defending champions Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s barely the halfway point of the NBA season and it’s already looking like a great one. And it should be one too with a possible lock out next season. This season is turning out to be a great one too, like the NFL looked this past year. With their possible lockout, they still had a stupendous season with the title going back to titletown, usa aka Green Bay.

It seems like if both sports have a lockout then Soccer can have a chance to get new fans and have them won over. Also The Seven, this is Rugby. If you haven’t seen it in action, you need to. It’s the bomb. Its like basketball where they score fast, like soccer because it’s played on the field and looks a lot like it and then like football because players get tackled. It’s all in one.

Song of the Day

“Power” by Kanye West

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