all star weekend

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

There is no need for a letter because i don’t need to write down to remember what i love about myself. I just simple love everything about myself because god made me this way.

Hey hey hey, the all-star weekend is in L.A this weekend. You know what that means, stars and basketball icons/players in So Cal for the weekend. Ha, this is the best time to go out and be able to find a basketball player walking around doing things like a regular tourist. We all know that the West is going to win because we are the West and that means were the best. who needs lebron and wade when you have Kobe. ‘Nuff said.

I can’t wait for the slam dunk competition. ahh it should be good it better be good. Then the All=star game isn’t as great as the Slam dunk competition but still as good.

I had a pretty awful day. ACtually it was okay, I had a quiz in the morning and I think I ace that. But later on, my biology quiz raped me in the ass hard. I don’t know why but it seemed like everything I read was not in the book. Fuck it thug life. I guess.

It’s suppose to rain like a bitch tomorrow so that means most of us will be stuck in the house.

Games of the Day

Chicago over San Antonio 109-99

and Dallas over the Suns 112-106 

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