guys don’t belong in a babyshower.

Lazy days in los Angeles
if it ain’t your parents, it’s the damn police
we just want to get our kicks for free, we just want to get our kicks for free

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

I tend to sometimes be lazy so that’s what I need to do.

 Rain rain rain. when will it stop. I guess will never know. Like I said before I think Arnold Schwarzenegger did it on purpose to have on last thing to fuck up california. On other news today was pretty calm damn. It as raining  constantly. Then it would sporadically stop. i mean it’s cool to have the rain and stuff but i think most of us Californians want it to stop already. Though we still do have the best weather in the Country.

Tomorrow I have a long day. First revising my essay and then a couple of quizzes and the next essay. I also have a shit load of Biology homework so I have to do that. Then I am done for the weekend. HA. In sad stupid news, I called it lakers losing to Cleveland. Fuck

Games of the Day

Cleveland upsetting the Los Angeles Lakers 104-99

Chris Bosh showing his old team how to get it done, Heat over Raptors 103-95

There was no Magic for the Wizards 101-76

Song of the Day

“Lazy Days” by Shwayze

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