valentine’s day or single’s awareness day

“My name is Cupid Valentino, the modern day cupid. I just want to say one thing.”

Day 27 → What’s the best thing going for you right now?

That would be school, in my eyes, I need to stay in school no matter what to succeed.

So today would be the day aka valentines day. Are you spending it with your loved one(s). Or did you spend it already with a loved one(s). I still think that Valentines day is a holiday made by a woman. Mostly because Christmas was two months ago and their next holiday isn’t till mothers day and that’s in 3 months. So they are tired of waiting so they made this to easy their pain. They also do this because most of the Florist that i know are women. So they want to make money while doing this. Us men have to spend outrages amounts just to see them get us a cologne/perfume. I mean don’t get me wrong cologne is good but I just spent a good amount of money on you because if I didn’t then your complaining that your friend got something better and I did shit. I thought valentines was like the Thanksgiving for lovers: the point is to spend time with your loved one and show them how much you care about them. Not how much deep your pocket is. Don’t get me wrong though because it isn’t only a time for lovers but for the people you care about. For example: siblings, children, parents, neighbors, friends, ect. Ladies this is also a reason why your boyfriends wants to break up or take some times off, this and christmas, so they don’t have to buy you shit.!

Have a happy Single Awareness Day. I bet your happy that you have your money and still happy. I mean I would, hang out with a friends and do nothing why because you don’t have to worry like the rest of us stressing and how they are going to like it or not. You lucky sons of guns. 

I remember back in Elementary when we used to share cards and the cards with candies were the shit. We would make the box and then send it to people and feel all special. now you just see people around school showing their loved ones what they got to make others jealous. I mean, some of us aren’t jealous but why couldn’t you just wait till they were home and then send it. Also i hate people who get stuff in the morning, and then come to school with it just to show off. Hey you people who do that, Jump off a cliff!

The Table: Valentine's Day Dinner

Image by dalylab via Flickr


I got my valentine something good, a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  and a dinner later when she comes back in march from her break in college because last year I fucked up, badly. So i still have to suffer and deal with the thought if i did good or bad.  Shes probably reading this so suck it, haha just kidding chicka. I’ll call you later…..

Song of the Day

“Happy Valentines DayOutkast

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