pictures are for people who can’t remember memories

“How does it feel ? How does it feel ? To be without a home ? Like a complete unknown ?”

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today

it is probably because we moved when i was in middle school to go to a better school.

Up in the Air (film)

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So today sucked pelotas. Why because everyone bailed so we didn’t go to the tournament at the Anaheim Convention Center. I basically hung out with my brother playing Ascension and watching movies. I finally saw “Up in the Air“, it was pretty fucking bad ass. why didn’t I see this movie. ahh, its freaking amazing.  by the way, Anna Kendrick is freaking hot! Now I know why it was nominated for a lot of things in 2009.

 Tomorrow, I am going to go golfing with the guys. That shall be fun, also probably doing other shit with them.

Be on the look out for the Lakers to crush the Magic tomorrow.

Games of the Day

A showdown in New York, with the Knicks beating the Nets 105-95

The Spurs demolished the Wizards 118-94 

The Chicago Bulls topping the Hornets 97-88

Songs of the day

Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan

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