How do you say repeat= Cheeseheads

“She gets mad. Starts to cry. She takes a swing but She cant hit. She don’t mean no harm. She just don’t know, What else to do about it”

Day 21 → (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

I would find out where he is, and if he’s in the hospital then get my ass over there. Doesn’t matter if it was a fight, i still would care about them.

Charles Woodson during pre-game warm-ups.

Image via Wikipedia

That’s how you can tell how people aren’t real Greenbay fans. How, because they already stopped talking about Greenbay. I am still in that same position I was last night when I saw them win. Charles Woodson gave an emotional speech during the Halftime, and basically he was left speechless and couldn’t finish it. So they picked up his soul and got him the championship. Most of the Greenbay players were in tears! TEARS. I love that man, and I am waiting for the day he’s inducted to the Hall of Fame.

If you were a real Packers fan you would still be talking shit on everyone that doubted you. Like someone told me I was a bandwagoner. So i told them the depth chart by heart and then told him to check my blog and go on the day the playoffs started. Who did i state that i wanted to win, and was my favorite team. THATS right THE GREENBAY PACKERS! STFU

So today I pretty much hanged out with the guys. Went to two shops to looks for cards but none were opened on Monday. Then Alex pulled a mirror force. We got some of the new pack Storm of Ranganok. Ha. And me and Zach bought this badass game. Ascension, get it. Trust me on this one.

Games of the Day

Mavs win their 9th straight and give the Cavs their 25 straight loss 99-96

‘Cats  beat the Celts 94-89

The Lakers over the Grizleys 93-84

 “Jane Says” Jane’s Addiction

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