big assets, or big asses?

“somebody else, someone likeeee you”you know that i can get

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted.

That would probably be Alex.

So today was pretty fun. I had to wake up really early in the morning for my 8 a.m class. There was this hot girl with the best fucking butt I ever seen in my life. We got paired into groups but didn’t talk much. Next Tuesday, I’ll probably start someone to get a conversation going. The I hung out with Mikey and Troy for a bit. I had class but then got out early and then went with Mikey and Troy to eat what is probably the best pizza at Angelo’s and Vincettes. You guys gotta try it, it’s off of Harbor and Chapman in Fullerton.

Then after we ate me and Jeremy had to take our gigatous ass across the street to get into class. We were so full but got there way before class started. That class wasn’t as bad as well. Time flew by, we did jeopardy questions and my team won. Plus, I don’t think I failed the test/quiz so I’m stocked about that.

I slept most of the day, awoke and was on Xbox Live since. We were talking shit and roasting my friends. Please feel the need to talk shit on the following people:

Israel Flores, he now works at the Taco Bell at Harbor and La Habra Blvd. please feel free to leave bad complaints and on the comment section write that he has a gigantous ass. His link to his Facebook is…..!/profile.php?id=100000322328174 leave him gay shit, because he’s into that. his phone number by the way is 562) 217-7773. Leave him the good shit.

Now on to Zach,. He’s the fag that wants to go to the Army. He’s getting a tattoo basically that say’s “if you don’t ask i won’t tell”. He’ll be joining the army soon, and if he goes thru with it then he’s my boy but if he doesn’t then he likes the DIACK. his Facebook is ….!/profile.php?id=100000520641929 and his phone number you lucky me is….. 562) 665-9263..

And finally we have the Situation aka Alex. This motherfucker is like 35 years old. He goes to community college. I fucking hate this guy with a passion but he;s still a friend. He’s cool and all but takes things too seriously. I’ll leave his Facebook and other stuff for later because he hasn’t talked shit on me yet.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

song of the day

“use somebody” by Lings of Leon

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