dear pepsi, you never hear about a pepsi addict, sincerely coke

“I’d like to be, under the sea. in an octopuss garden in the shade.”

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

The person that probably treated me like hell and like shit would be my brother but then again it’s all brotherly love.

Today was a slow day. I was cleaning up things and found the project I did back in the day. It was pepsi versus coca cola. it was like this, I but coke and Pepsi in little plastic cups without the labels. and you had to tell me before hand if you liked coke or Pepsi better. then you tasted it and tried to guess which was which. Turned out in the end that only like 5 people out 100 got it right. the rest just thought they liked the one they said. when it came  time for them to see which one they liked they struck out.

Old logo still in use in Pepsi Tins made in Pa...

Image via Wikipedia

A Coke pin

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Unfortunately all my friends are going to frank’s and sons without me because I have night class. FML, I wanted to go and sell cards for extra cash but I guess not anymore. What’s next, I have to leave pretty soon for my 5 hour class. Ahh, I probably going to start hating that class but I gotta take it so I don’t have to redo that class again.

I heart Boobies. Support the cause. C:

So which do you like, Pepsi or Coke? and do you think your up for the challenge to see if you correct or your mind is fooling you.?

Song of the Day

“Octopus Garden” by The Beatles

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