spiderman, spiderman, goes where ever a spider can.

“think fast but see it grow. like a riot like riot oh, not easily remembered “

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope that I never have to make a funeral for my mother.

so today was a pretty easy day. woke up about noon, gotta get ready before my day begins. I found out that I had lost my book for my english class so now I have to buy another one. im pretty much going to hate that Kite Runner book. I also did my homework which was a diagnostic, in which I though it was a few questions, it turned out to be like 74 long questions.!  I have to go to sleep soon because i have an early morning class. then I have to do most of my biology homework because I know I won’t do it one Wednesday…

I also watched all the spider-man movies in a row. it was awesome as usual. the secretary was hot and I found out that it was Elizabeth Banks. she’s way hotter as a red-head I think. :))

so I have an early morning to get up to have a nice one y’all,

Song of the day 

Lisztomania” by Phoenix

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