can you say chee seheads?

teen drinking is not allowed, yo i got a fake i.d though”

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.
I hope that I can backpack for a month or so somewhere in a different country

yes, have to wrap things fast. ha.

got woken up by the guys to go fishing. and I had the worse fishing experience ever. got the hook stuck like three times. and to make everything else worse, i fell into the water. niceeee

then went shuffle and played a couple of games.

the Packers won like i called it and then the Steelers won. its gonna be one badass Superbowl. the Packers all the way though like I called it from the beginning of the season. went to many stores with Jeremy and john. they wanted to go to buy packs and shit, where they wasted 40 bucks on doo doo cards ha.

i traded in black ops for modern ware 2 and a headset for Xbox live so that was a pretty good deal… all in all today was a good day.

Song of the day

“tipsy” by j-kwon

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