you can to me, you can talk to me

“if your lonely you can talk to me”

day one for my challenge!. I hate that I am a pretty mean person and i pretty much tell it how it is.

sooo, today was the first day of school. and yeah, it was pretty alright. glad that im back into the swing of things. only had one friend in the class but hey it was a friend that I haven’t seen in a while. so I was glad I caught up with her, and the class will be better cause she’s in it.

tomorrow I have my first morning class since high school that was like 9 months ago. ahhh, im probably going to sleep soon. tomorrow will be my longest day too so shoot.

soo these guys are like the best band in the world,. all four are men and from liverpool…

if you can’t get this right then you don’t have Beatlemania.

it’s ” Hey Bulldog ” by The Beatles  🙂

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