hi! my name is. who, my name, what my name is

checka checka slim shady.

had a come ci come ca kind of day. watch out very soon, im a start a YouTube very soon and have special guest every once in a while. some you’ll know some you haven’t. I have a couple idea’s on how it can go but still in the development process. so once I get that starting I’ll let you guys know.

zach plus jeff equals the diack. so my mom made so  bomb ass food.

which leads me to todays topic: my mother.

5 foot, old, chubby. I hate this woman so much that I love her. she’s tries to do her best but always fails, she should just go out and leave. ha, I got you there i bet. I love my mother, she’s the stone of the family and without her my family would be lost. Whenever she tries to say something she’ll say in spanish though”heey, listen” but really really loud. after that no one listens.

her likes: Chris rock, ice cube, eminem, tupac, fifty cent, and the rock( can you see a pattern all black)

her dislikes: if you talk back to her.

she has a mean old accent and says funny things like high pod instead of iPod, she has limited english but knows every goddamn word.

i hate her freaking guts but what would i do without her.

like she says”i brought you into this world and i can take you out of it too”

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