like a blister in the sun :)

let me know why?, big hands I know you’re the one.

we went to Zach house to chill and hang. shadow wanted to get some from his sister. Jeremy looked like a dirty gypsy. izzie looked like a retarded mexican, and john like a prostitute., we all still want to get with his married sister, you gotta see her she’s tha bomb.!

the lakers played cleveland, and let me tell you it wasn’t a game. they barely scored 57- and the lakers 112. damn, i think even if you aren’t a sports fan you know that’s bad. they should just end that franchise. i feel bad for cleveland because everything that;s going good for them aways goes wrong in the end.

soooo, enough of that. what do you do when you like a girl and she likes you.?,  I used to go full frontal and stuff and be like them trying to get them and stuff but now I feel more conservative. I think it’s because my last relationship went wrong fast. this was just recently in november. I kept telling myself that im just getting rid of her so I don’t have to buy her stuff for christmas, but in reality it was because she girl was asking too much of me.  (BTW she’s proably reading this, ha. don’t be mad cause i’m not identifing yourself.)

now, there’s this girl and me. i feel that we want to go forward but there’s no progression because if i tell her this she’ll think that. so I’m stuck in that predicament. None of my friends know of this girl because they aren’t like hey tell her you like her and stuff. they are more like try to get in her pants and shit. well not izzie and Zach because they like the diack. so I’ve only told one person not even my brother or family. I’ll probably tell him because he checks my post but not my family. I love my family but they have the biggest mouths, if I tell them then by tomorrow it will be on channel 11.

wish me luck, hopefully i don’t mess up again

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