the duck will rise again, just not this year :(

the BCS championship game just ended and auburn won. they don’t deserve that championship. I’ll tell you why, cam newton! that son of a bitch should have not been eligible. sooner hopefully than later he will be exposed and when that day comes I’ll laugh and hopefully they take the BCS championship away from auburn.

on a lighter note, today was a good day. washed clothes, eat, and apparently I had one free xboxlive membership left so i don’t have to buy a new one till next month. i am seriously getting tired of the jersey shore and teen mom constantly being talked about and stuff.

on a sadder note, my thoughts and prayers go out to the tragedy in Tucson. hopefully congresswoman Gilford recovers and that the criminal gets the death penalty. and i say to think of the worst was, slow and painful because he took the life of an innocent girl.

i have filled many applications to jobs that only do it online now, and sometime this week i will go out to stores and resterants to do the same but in person. I was excited for a while because anchor blue was gonna give me an interview but now they are foreclosing so im out of luck again. did toyrus and they were gonna call back.

wish me luck.

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