barely made it. whoo.

sooo whaddup kids, I have to wrap this up fast because i only have like 20 mins to make the post of the day.

So they day started fucking great when the chiefs were pounded in by the ravens. See, they suck dick, the raiders deserved to be that game and they would have put a better performance than the chiefs.

On a bad and good side, the packers won,! yay but Vick lost. but i think that the better team won because the packers have a better chance getting to the playoff with their defense. Thank you though Michael Vick for being a stupendous performer this year. I wish you will and i wish you could be with the Oakland Raiders. The Lakers bashed the knicks so that was a plus but.

I left my phone at izzies, the gay one, and he got my phone and hacked into my profile telling everyone that I came out and stuff. I thought it was funny because we always do that to everyone, I just thought that i wouldn’t be a victim. BTW, be on the look out, Israel Flores, is coming out in Facebook so look for that. His number is (562)217-7773 for me do the good stuff kids, and his Facebook is ….!/profile.php?id=100000322328174.

 So tomorrow in the morning I will tell you much more about that and how the family dealt with that. They seriously thought i was going crazy and shit. They called the minute they saw it. SO ha people’s, my family knows I like girls. And so does everyone else. So women hit me up. ha,

P.S. I watched the grown up. that movie was pretty hilarious. it had many funny moments plus rob’s daughters in that movie were effin hot. no lie.

Check it out.

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