Eight days and going strong.

Well today was an okay day. Woke up super early to go with Zach, Tyler, Alex,and my brother to go to frank’s. We had a pretty good time there. None of us pulled shit, but each of us got things that we need to get our shit popping. Zach and Alex were at each other’s throats it was so fucking hilarious and funny too.

When we left to Alex’s house we saw an old guy and wha looked like a 12-year-old girl hugging and ish. So as we drove past them i yelled “you know she’s 12 right, ” after i said that i noticed that the woman was old so we started cracking up. Then then when Alex dropped us off we passed by this hummer long ass limo. So we started flipping them off and talked shit on them on the light. I went what is this teen mom, and this young mexican boy with long hair was talking to me, so i said “a girls  should not speak to me like that “…. most hilarious thing that ever happened. you had to be there.

then the day went bomb when i got home just in time to see the Saint’s lose. ha, i hate them because they think they are the best now. Well guess what Drew Breeze you’re not. ha But then the Colts lost who i thought they were. But on the up side now i get to see Mark Sanchez play again the patriots and maybe it will be upset city.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow Pakers and Eagles play. That game will be freaking awesome.

postaday2011 going eight strong… C:

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