i funy it find of funny i find it kind of sad.

Mothers. What a difference they make in someone’s world. They are the people who give you hope in the future and in people. My mother taught me that there will be a day that i will receive what i need in life. All i gotta do is  believe, and achieve. It’s strange when you see you mom cry. Before today i don’t think i had seen my mother cry, but that has no changed.

What a difference that makes. I had his perception in life before today and now, i think that it’s totally changed. I don’t know why, i listened to her conversation and heard her cry and i was taken back. I soon found her beliefs and what she stands for..

This has made me take a stand in life and a new refound motivation not for me but for her.

It’s a good and sad thing i don’t know why actually though. I wish it would have came earlier in life but it didn’t but god works in strange ways. hopefully this new  motivation helps me.

Lord save me from my sins!

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