baby don’t you wanna love me sexy

this is day four of postaday2011, still going strong C:

so am I currently watching my favorite movie of like all time, or at least for now. guess it, it has Will Ferrell and he’s a basketball player…….

Semi-Pro. oh god, me and my brother always watch this movie it never gets old. i still need to get the song love me sexy by Will Ferrell this has to be the greatest song ever written. if you haven’t heard it then you need to hear it..

now I know I made a promise to not bash on anyone but I feel the need to talk crap on the following people.

Zacharia, what can I say about this,little kids skip the next words, a bitch! he likes to suck the diack! he has nothing to do in his life, all he does is go on xboxlive and play yugioh. he already graduated high school and has nothing to show for it. on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays he’s playing yugioh seriously! do something with your life kid. and on the other days he’s playing modern warfare thinking that he’s the shit. i fucking love this kid but someone needs to knock the sense into him. he says that in march he’s enlisting into the army but now he’s changing the date to late april i think not. I won’t be surprise if he doesn’t go at all and plays yugioh for a good amount of time and then get a part-time job at mc donald’s. He looks like a 12-year-old white girl, except this girl is like 6 feet. you know what I mean, he’s super skinny and you would think he would eat once in a while because his parent are both managers at Albertson’s. He needs to settle down and come out of the closet….

Now it’s time to bash on Israel “Jerry fucking beans man”,. lets see what he does with his life. nothing as well, he has Xbox live which he plays modern warfare or soccer. Second, he plays yugioh for a while but then leaves early because he has other plans, I think not. what is this kid doing with his life… I do give him some props because he does go to school unlike Zacharia. he needs to get a job (so do i), I don’t see why he can’t get a job because he says he’s more skilled than I am because he was working while he was in Colorado. I seriously need to smack the shit out of this kid. HE needs to cut his hair daily because he looks like Ellen Degeneres if he doesn’t cut if for a week. and he definitely needs to get laid, or go to a strip club because i don’t think he’s ever seen real tatas. I think if you asked him how do they feel he would say the same thing that Steve Carrel said in the forty-year old virgin “you know they feel like sandbags.”!. hopefully this year, he has luck with the lady’s and a must need job. i have nothing but love and respect for him…

wooooo, I’m glad I got all that out. C:, I know Ima hear both of my boys start talking shit on me on Facebook, and to them I say… what what in the butt I say what what in the butt…

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