barely made it :)

it’s 11p.m, and I still in the challenge for blogging one thing errday.

anyways whats new, I had a pretty plain day. watched tv, ran a mile around my neighborhood, I shopped for food. I now know that food especially meat cost a lot. 3 dollars for a pound, seriously that like gas money right there. I made carne with potatoes today with tortillas.

The weather started a little gloomy but it turned out be beautiful later on the day. It’s been pretty cold at night here in SoCal, so I close my windows and cover up. Which is the opposite of what I do because I usually open the windows and turn on the a/c even though it’s pretty cold as it is.

One last thing, what happened to the music in MTV!, I used to love watching music on that now it’s only Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. I thought this was MTV and not VH1. Someone must do something about this.!

so far 3 out of 3 C: only 362 days left…whooooo

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