day two, ally of justice catastor

the eve of january the 2. I had a good day if I may so myself. I watched this show called The Next Nostradamus. I found it kind of funny because they were saying how the believe in the anti-christ and comparing this guys algorithm with Nostradamus predictions.. Personally, I don’t think this will ever happen but yeah. And also sticking with the subject, 2012 is a joke. Everyone knows we are going to die in 2010. Ha, hopefully you caught on. 

Then I watched FOOTBALL, for your information i am a huge football fan. Most notably The Oakland Raiders, go a head and laugh. This year my team did good, and no one can take it away from us C: I predicted it from the first week that we were going to 8-8 and guess what we did. It would have been good if we made the playoffs but hey we won all our division games 5-0!. We were the first team to win all our division games and not win our division. But my other favorite team is the Packers/Eagles. Why because my favorite player are in their teams. For the packers we got Arron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and my boy Charles Woodson. For the Eagles we got my boy MIchael Vick. The situation that i’m in is quite complicated. Porque, it’s because they play against themselves next week in the first round of the playoffs. No matter what I will root for one of them, hopefully it will be the Packers but still. I’m  waiting for next year and my Oakland boys to rise up again even better and stronger.

I finally went to Shuffle and Cut, a card shop, around my neighborhood with my boys: Jeremy, Shadow, Zach(he’s openly gay), John, Israel(he’s openly gay too with Zach), Tyler and my brother. We usually go there on Sundays and Thursdays for Yugioh tournaments. Go a head and laugh but this is one of the few things that has kept us together :). So back off, please(there is the nice part of me coming out). I bought a pack and i got a card that’s worth 17 dollars in which i only paid 4 for it. Zach, the gay one, picked the pack which he is my lucky charm because he has pulled the last two packs for me which I got good stuff. A card worth 30 (effect veiler )and this card (ally of justice catastor).

So all in all it was a great day. Tomorrow my brother and sister go back to school so they won’t be in the house bugging me anymore. Though I don’t mind my brother that much.

Let’s see what tomorrow has at hand for me.

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