2011, goals!

Hello, sorry it’s been a while since I have blogged but I’m here. The only person probably reading is Ysabel or family but who cares. I didn’t do this to become famous or anything, I have always tried to do this.

Yesterday, New Year‘s eve was quite boring so to say. Well, lemme tell you it was more exciting getting the stuff for the food and traveling instead of the party. But none the less it was a good shingdig having the family, or part of the family there. I have some new goals for 2011.

You might be wondering goals and not resolutions. That’s because errbody knows that no one keeps their New Year’s Resolution. So I’m having small goals to make bigger goals later on the year. So here they are, many more will be posted up as the year progresses:

1: Get myself, physically motivate to be healthy. I use my words wisely because we all know if i say lose pounds and go to the gym sooner or later i won’t do it or stop doing it So I want to get healthy eating wise and physically. But like I said little by little.

2: Get myself financially healthy. This means= GET A DAMN JOB!

3: Get my education progressing. The next fall school year, I am I fully taking all my accounting classes. It might be the time when it will get hectic but i gotta get it over to succeed in what I want to do in life. NO matter WHAT STAY IN SCHOOL!

4: Become a better person, this means having manners. Volunteering for people. helping out family for the fun or it not for money. Stop being a dick! because the people who know me best know me as the king of comebacks. So I need to be nicer C:

5:Stop doing the regular stuff im doing! I need a new routine, a new look on life, and new motivation. This is why I am challenging myself to posting something errday.

Many more things will come, and be posted… Stay tune.

Comment, Subscribe, do all that good Stuff. But most important of all thank you for your time.

I really appreciate it.

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